We offer a full scope of dental care.

Periodontal disease starts when plaque attaches to the tooth surface; plaque is a transparent adhesive fluid is composed of mucin, sloughed epithelial cells and aerobic, and gram positive cocci.  Plaque starts forming within two days after a professional scaling and polishing is performed.  If plaque is not removed the mineral salts in food will precipitate to form hard dental calculus, or tartar.

Dental - Clovis, Fresno, Sanger, 93611Rough calculus covered plaque is irritating to the gum tissue and changes the pH in the mouth allowing bacteria to survive.  By-products from the bacteria will eat away at the tooth’s support structures often leading to loose teeth.  The advancement of periodontal disease is staged based on the severity of gum loss, mobility of teeth and the loss of tooth support system.

Dental Maintenance

Dental examinations are recommended to be performed from two years of age and older on an annual and semi-annual basis based on patient’s needs. During those exams it will be noted if your pet requires a cleaning.  All of our dentals are performed with general anesthesia for the safety and comfort of our staff and your pets.  We offer basic cleanings as well as more advanced stages of dental disease care with extractions and abscesses.