Fracture Repair

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Kingsburg Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer comprehensive fracture repair for cats and dogs.   Fractures (broken bones) are common in pets.  Animals can break bones from trauma by being hit by cars, falling and being stepped on.

Fracture Repair - Dog - Clovis, Sanger, Fresno, CA 93611Bone plates are one of the strongest and most effective methods of fixing a fracture. This internal fixation technique counteracts bending, compression, twisting and pulling forces. The biggest advantage of bone plating is early return of function or use of fractured limb.

There are different types of plates and plating techniques, used for specific fractures. We commonly perform use of plates in compression, neutralization and bridging/buttress fashion depending on type of fracture and number of bone fragments. We have adopted the advanced “Locking” plate technique which works as internal fixators and allow for preservation of blood supply to the fractured bone. By preserving tissue integrity in the vicinity of the fracture, locking plates provide faster and stronger fracture healing.

We use also use Plate-Rod (combination of a bone plate and IM pin). They provide a very strong fixation of the bone, and allow use of the leg almost immediately after the surgery. Micro motion from that the stresses placed on fractured bones actually hasten healing, so if the pet is able to bear weight on the fractured leg as soon as possible, it is gaining strength in that leg and it will heal much faster than an animal who is not bearing weight on their injured leg.

Fracture Repair - Dog - Clovis, Sanger, Fresno, CA 93611Bone plates are one of the best options for animals that are extremely active and would be challenging to confine for a prolonged period. The aftercare for the owner is also minimal as compared to other methods of fixation. The plates normally stay in your pet for the rest of its life, rarely needing to be removed.

We have also introduced MIPO (minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis), an advanced technique in fracture repair. With MIPO, fracture fragments are not opened or touched during surgery and implants are introduced via two small incisions away from the fracture. Fractures heal faster and more predictably when blood supply to broken bone is preserved with MIPO.